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Tony L Photography

I provide personalised one on one photography coaching.

Aimed at beginner to intermediate photographers, my coaching days are centred around :

- Improving your wildlife (specifically bird images) and other photography genres, take your skills up to the next level

- Learn to expose correctly and quickly in a variety of scenarios

- Learn the importance of framing and composition and how to achieve particular look and feel in images

- Assistance with camera settings, lenses and other technical aspects

- Improve your general photography skills

Half, full and multi-day coaching days are held day trip distance from Melbourne and further afield.


Half day from AU$95

Full day from AU$175

Multi-day package prices dependent on location.

To discuss your requirements, send me an email 

You can also enquire via the contact page : Contact Tony

Kind Regards,


All images on this website remain the property of Tony L Photography and may not be used without permission. Thankyou.

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